Suppressor and Class III FAQ


Buying a suppressor or other NFA items today is much easier than in years past. On December 23rd, 2021, the BATFE resumed electronic processing of Form4's. This not only made the process much simpler; it also has reduced tax stamp wait times to a 'tolerable' 8 months from 12-14 months filing via paper form. So, how do you buy an NFA Item? 

Step 1

Browse our Online store at and purchase a Suppressor - We prefer you come in store for purchase as opposed to online.

Step 2

Create accounts with Silencer Shop (completed at purchase) as well as an account at .

Step 3

Visit our store and use our convenient Silencer Shop Kiosk to submit fingerprints and photos for all trustees or individual if you elect not to create an NFA Trust. We can explain the advantages of trust v. individual. 

Step 4

Keep an eye out for any emails from Silencer Shop and follow the directions in the email. This will include a process to digitally sign and / or complete trust paperwork. 

Step 5

We will contact you once we prepare the e-filed form for certification. Be sure to remember your E-Forms user name and PIN as you will need that during the certification process. Certification may be completed in person or via remote connection. 

Step 6

Once the form is certified, the wait begins! E-Filed forms are being returned in 8-9 months as of March 2023. You will receive an email from the BATFE once the stamp is approved and you may then stop by the store and finally take delivery! 

It's that easy! Stop by the store and chat about the process, we can guide you from beginning to end and when you buy your first and experience the silence, you'll get the bug... and of course, we'll be here (hear?) to sell you more!  Jokes aside, I wish I had made the jump a long time before I did, I might have saved at least some of my hearing!  Contact us for information on sales and remember, visit to shop for your suppressor today! 


Stop by the store at:

387 E. Enterprise Drive
Suite 120
Pueblo West, CO 81007 

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